Some of Vicki's Short Fiction

And Justice For All won Honorable Mention in 2003 FMAM's Fire to Fly contest

Don't Ask; Don't Tell published in The Savvy Click (No longer an excerpt. Now the completed story is online.)

VIcki Contributed to the Women on Writing collection for the National Association of Women Writers

Mother's Helper in April/May 2002 issue of Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine (FMAM)

Catch of the Season published in the Spring 2002 issue of Twilight Times e-zine; included in the anthology Beyond the Mundane: Flights of Mind published by Mundania Press. See and buy the book here

Score One for Old Mom published in Spring, 2003 Yarrow Brook Literary Review

Lightning Response published in Spring, 2003 Yarrow Brook Literary Review.

Soul Catcher published in October 2002 issue of Book Banter.

Soul Catcher published in Summer 2007 Mysterical-E